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Dialoguing 2

Advanced Immersion Training

Now that you’ve learned the Dialoguing essentials in the Level 1 Advanced Immersion ...

You’re ready to own your voice in all
your sessions — with clarity and confidence.

In this Master-Level Training, you’ll learn how to dialogue from a position of grounded neutrality that allows your client to feel safe, supported and valued …

Without retriggering any more trauma.

You’ll also discover how to spot, by your clients’ language patterns, the exact Wisdom Areas that are involved in their health challenges. So you can zero in on the techniques that will give them their most optimal outcomes. Plus you’ll learn how to dialogue through Fear, Guilt and Shame … yours and your client’s.

That’s how your sessions stay clean — and you’re able to see clearly to your clients deepest core issues to give them long-lasting improvements.

This training is for you if …

  • You want to dialogue like an expert with difficult clients, even when they’re withdrawn and closed off, or highly activated and sensitive. By gently meeting them where they are, you're able to reach them where others cannot — and help them in a profound way that’s well below the surface.

  • You want to practice dissolving blocks between all the Wisdom Areas to give your clients the best possible outcome from your session.

  • You want to gain the inner recognition when you’re veering off into your own Shadow and Projection. So your dialoguing stays clean and powerful.

  • You want to set yourself up for Master-Level Healing From the Core® Certification and all the benefits that come with it. This Advanced Immersion is a requirement.

Prerequisite: Dialoguing Advanced Immersion

Investment: Only $297

Online On Demand Version is Now Available! (Encore Replay Included)

Want to take this course, but need to complete Dialoguing 1?

Decoding the Impact of Trauma 2

Advanced Immersion Training

Now you’ve completed Decoding the Impact of Trauma 1…

And laid that foundation of understanding…

Step into three days of powerful yet gentle protocols – proven methods that down-regulate the nervous system and allow for a return to balance that means deep healing can occur.

Trauma may be a fact of life, but it is not a life sentence — and that brings hopefulness.

And we hope you are now ready to expand your perceptual lens and access your Portals to Calm with this new Advanced Immersion Training.

In this Master-Level class, you will:

Refine the art of deep listening while engaging with curiosity – and trusting the information you receive from your body’s Wisdom Areas.

Learn specific steps to create calm and stabilize your system, helping your inner landscape become an oasis. When your nervous system is down-regulated and at rest, your Inner Wisdom answers are more readily recognized and received. From there your powerful yet gentle steadiness naturally radiates, feeding you, your clients and everyone around you.

Imagine the deeper healing that occurs when this approach is taken.

Discover how to decode the clues from the parts of your brain that store — and tend to over-store — pain signals. Practice a protocol that will assist you to clear out what is no longer needed and heal this pivotal part of your nervous system.

Step Into creating more joy and present moment delight as you connect with some of the main pleasure centers in your brain, using a simple but profound protocol you can practice on yourself and use with clients.

And as always, we will practice remaining energetically full and grounded in your sessions while radiating the energy of love through your work.

Help your clients regain control of their hijacked nervous systems through all of the techniques and skills shared in this advanced immersion — which in turn will ultimately help them believe in their own worth as human beings — simply because they are here.

Build a practice of healthy connections, healthy boundaries, and resilience to help repair trauma – yours and that of your clients’.

This training is for you if …

  • You want to master the core, pivotal processes to assist clients in letting go of what no longer serves them and bring in a sense of well-being, creativity, resilience, and possibility.

  • You want to immerse yourself in the tools and methods to radiate powerful, healing energy that touches your clients but does not invade … whether you are in-person or virtual.

  • You want to help your clients reclaim their capacity to feel good and to fully experience life — without drugs and addiction.

  • You want the opportunity to practice within your own system each tool and protocol for healing different aspects of the trauma cycle.

  • You want to have a front-row seat as Suzanne demonstrates the skills learned each day in a trauma healing session.

Decoding the Impact of Trauma 2 covers:

Knowing how to recognize the physical, emotional, and psychic damage that shows up — and may persist — long after trauma has taken place.

Knowing how to recognize the indicators that tell you when a client’s deepest pain is being triggered.

Understanding how unprocessed, unhealed trauma hijacks us by locking us into our past pain or future anxiety and locking us OUT of the present moment — where healing can and does occur.

How to awaken your awareness to present-moment inner sensations that can guide you and your clients in finding their way home, and healing from the traumatic events of the past.

Prerequisite: Decoding the Impact of Trauma 1 Advanced Immersion

Investment: Only $297

Online On Demand Version is Now Available! (Encore Replay Included)

Want to take this course, but need to complete Trauma 1?

Discovering Your Energy Signature 2

Advanced Immersion Training

Dive Deeper into the Energy Signature when Excessive stress and/or Unprocessed Trauma become Engrained in the Nervous System – Learn How to Recognize & Facilitate Healing for these Special Issues.

In this Master-Level class, you will:

Explore what happens to Energy Signatures —ours and those of others —when we are under excessive stress and/or in the presence of unhealed trauma. Over time, stress and trauma become engrained within the nervous system, creating maladaptive symptoms and behaviors that are unique to each type of Energy Signature. These symptoms and behaviors limit the full expression of our Energy Signatures, ultimately limiting our quality of life.

  • Learn the Symptoms and Behaviors you may see as a therapist with your clients when stress and unhealed trauma are present.

  • Clearly Recognize these maladaptive behaviors for what they are, so as not to be confused or thrown off center by them.

  • Know that when that Assessment Clarity is there, You are much better equipped to meet your clients with grounded compassion and healthy boundaries.

  • Explore how to meet each Person with the timing, pace and therapeutic presence that best supports their healing process.

In this Immersion you’ll learn the skills to emerge knowing not only how you come across to others, but how to modulate your Energy Signature to meet an even wider range of people in your practice and out in your life.

Prerequisite: Discovering Your Energy Signature 1 Advanced Immersion

Investment: Only $297

Online On Demand Version is Now Available! (Encore Replay Included)

Want to take this course, but need to complete Energy 1?

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